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Bioderma Skin Class

Last Saturday, I attent an event held by Bioderma Indonesia at Cafe Aria along with other fellow beauty bloggers. As you know, I already used and reviewed Bioderma Sensibio H2O here. And I love it, it's officially my holy grail cleanser and makeup remover now.

Once entered, we were greeted by PINK everywhere. Indeed, the dress code was also pink and white, resembles the Sensibio H2O itself!

bloggers chit-chatting before the event started
Yuri and Priscilla
Louis Giboin; Managing Director of Dermanesia

It was opened by Mr. Giboin; Managing Director fo Dermanesia. He explained about the brand a bit. Bioderma is a dermo-cosmetic brand which based in Lyon, France.

Then it continued with Beatrix explaining about the product philosophy and so on.
Beatrix; Brand Manager of Dermanesia

Bioderma approach
What's difference between Bioderma and any other beauty brands is that emphasized more on long-term benefits. Unlike other brands which emphasized more on treating the symptomatic problems (short-term benefits), Bioderma "biologically" reproduce, protect, activate or restore skin's natural functions!
Tan Yi Chieh; Bioderma Asia/ Pacific Trainer
After that, it's time for Mr. Yi Chieh to explain more about our skin and Bioderma products. Here are some fun facts shared that day.
  • Skin is  the largest organ in human body!
  • Bioderma spent 8% of its returns on Research and Development (other  brands only 2.5-3.5%)
  • H2O solutions are not just clean BUT also restore skin's hydrolipic film!
  • 1 Bioderma Sensibio H2O is sold in every 5 seconds around the world
After the class, we were having pH test in order to test which kind of cleanser has the friendliest pH to our skin.

pH Test

They provide Cleansing Oil, Milk, Gel, Foam, and Micelle Solution.

And here's the result

Turns out that Micelle Solution has the friendliest pH to our skin, followed by the cleansing milk. So, now are you enlightened? ;)

The rest are me and the guests camwhoring that day~

Me, Yessy, Nita, Leonita, Feegy

I like him!
wohoo gossiping!

me and Priscilla
Me, Yuri, Priscilla

Ah, they also provided a white canvas so that we can write our testimonial of Bioderma Sensibio H2O! Hihi, feels like the celebrity :)

Priscilla, Me, Endi
Endi, Priscilla, Feegy
BONUS! Carnellin's cutie pie daughter; Cellin

Last picture together with Bioderma team!
And here's what I've got inside my bag!
Bioderma  Sensibio H2O again~ Hahaha, I'm so happy!!!

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