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SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash

Back with another review today~ Ah so happy that I can finally update this blog regularly. Hihi. This time it's beauty product from Japan; SkinLiFE.

COW BRAND is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. COW STYLE signifies daily life with peace of mind through Cow Brand products with the catchphrase "Life with Cow Brand Soap", and provides a lifestyle based on Japan quality (ease, safety, good quality) and Japan taste (material, scent, texture).

Cow Brand was founded and established by Mr. Narajiro Miyazaki in 1909 (WOW!). Further, Cow Brand has expanded its sales to various countries including China, Indonesia, and Philippines. Product lines under Cow Brand are Red Box, Blue Box, SkinLiFE, Milky Body Soap, Bouncia, QP Baby Care, and Shizen Gokochi. I got these SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash and Lotion for review purpose from COW STYLE Indonesia.

They have few products under SkinLiFE like Facial Foam, Cleansing Foam (to remove makeup), Foaming Facial Wash, and Lotion.

The concept of SkinLiFE is to help us get rid of ACNE problem. Well, I think most of the people fight with acne at least at some moment in their life, and so is me.

SkinLiFE claims to moisturize, firm, and soften dead skin.

And here's how to use (from COW STYLE website, so cute eh?)

The parcel came around 3 weeks ago and it's wrapped in such manner which reminds me of having birthday present. :) It comes with clear plastic box wrapped with pink bow.

the pink bow!
cute brochure inside
Let's review the Foaming Facial Wash first!

It comes in 200ml pump packaging. Quite big unlike any other facial wash. But, honestly speaking I love it! Why? Because I can use it for longer time~ (cheap me shows up again). Hahaha. 

Moreover, it is pump packaging! Hehe. New for me though, all  my life I've only used tube packaging facial wash.

More positive points since it has safety lock to prevent it to accidentally spilled out while we bring it for travel purpose. Lalala, I brought this back then during Hari Raya Idul Fitri and put it on the baggage, it's completely SAFE! *happy*

On the back of the packaging, they put sticker containing ingredients list and how to use in Indonesian. By the way, it's made in Japan! Haha. It's directly imported from Japan, reassuring me of the quality. Curious!

Pressed the pump and voila! Here it comes the fluffy, thick foam. I personally love this because it will save the time in washing your face. Usually we have to take time to create the foam right? Now, no worries because it automatically creates the foam once you pump it.

I have been using this foaming facial wash for around 3 weeks daily and I can say that this product is GOOD, because:
  • It doesn't break me out
  • It helps brighten up my face because it removes the dead skin cells
  • I notice that my pores are tamed and became smaller (combined with other products as well)
  • My face doesn't feel 'tight' after rinsing
  • The citrus floral scent is soothing and fresh at the same time
 My face before using SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash

 See the red, big bump just beside my nose? It's really annoying, but it's hormonal one anyway.

After 5 days of using SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash

no makeup

I bet you can see that the bump is still there, but the redness already disappeared. 

The only downside of this product is bulky. It's not travel-friendly (in terms of size). That's it, LOL. 

You can purchase this product in Guardian, Grand Lucky, and Papaya. And for those who lives in Bandung, you can try Yogya (price may varies).

For more information, you can check these links out:

I'm gonna review the face lotion too, so please wait!

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  1. itu beli online dimana ya? pertama kali lihat produknya yg bouncia jd pgn beli sabunnya, krn janjiin busa yg "fuwa - fuwa". pengen nyobain cleansing oil sm shampoonya tp sayang belum keluar disini :(

    1. Hai Ayni ^^

      Onlinenya mungkin ada beberapa OL Shop yang jual, tapi harganya kalo ga salah lebih mahal. Kamu titip temenmu aja kalo memang belum ada di tempat kamu tinggal. :)

      Sementara baru ada di Guardian, Grand Lucky, Papaya Jabodetabek dan di Bandung ada di Yogya.

      Bouncia aku juga pake, enak bangettt foamnya pekat bisa buat main XD

      Iya, shampoonya belum hehehe semoga cepet available yah ^^

      Thank you for drop by :)


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